Download Songs for November- Indie/ Folk/ A Mellow Fall- Winter Playlist, 2018 Edition. mp3 song free.

I don't own rights to any of these songs, or the photos shown. **All song titles, times, and musician names are listed under the 'Show More' tab ** 0:00- Angelo De Augustine- “Time” 3:52-The Martial- “Green Light” 7:47- Richard Readey- “You’re Not Home” 12:17- Hendricksen- “Vesuvius” 16:01- Folly and the Hunter- “Seventeen” 19:36-Nathan Reich- “Heart of Mine” 22:58- Axel Flóvent-“Stars” 26:25- Johan Danno- ”Alive” 28:53- Trevor Ohlsen- “The Airport” 32:08- Thomas Reid- “Holding” 36:00- Marti West- “Don't Hide Your Love Away” 40:12- Tiphanie Doucet- “Under My Sun” 43:48-Stewart McKee- “Tennessee” 47:48- Noah Derksen- “Nothing” 51:55- Timo Brandt- “Grounded” 56:48- Sandtimer- “Clouds” 1:00:59- David Stone- “The Poets Bay” 1:04:33- Dalton Day- “Glad You Came” 1:08:05- Pieternel- “There He Goes” 1:10:31- Awolk- “Blame” 1:14:50- Nick Dyson- “Stones” 1:19:20- Shayan Nadeem - “Sweet Little Memory” 1:22:05- Tom Rosenthal - “You Only Need You” 1:25:58-Asela Perela- “Weightless” 1:29:53- Idiot Wind- “Try To Bend A River” 1:33:20- Paper Branches- “Sleepwell” 1:36:14-Chris Paterson- “Rain” - Thumbnail and first photo by Michael Fertig Let me know if you'f like the links for any of the others. 🦊 🦊 P.S , If you would like to make a small donation to my channel, it would be greatly appreciated. My channel is hobby based, and though I greatly enjoy running it, it is time consuming, and I make no money off of it, otherwise. Thank you so much for your support. 🦊🦊


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