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I don't own rights to any of these songs, or the photos shown. **All song titles, times, and recording artist names listed in the description below. Just click on the "Show More" tab ** 0:00- The Dead Tongues- “Pale November Dew”- 3:50-Jack Tinner- “Teenage Revelry” 7:34- Archie Langley - “Crossfire” 9:47- Michael Nau- “Your Jewel” 13:53- Will Cookson- “Hazel” 16:52- Iron & Wine- “Autumn Town Leaves” 20:06-Ben Smith- “Wild Accusations” 25:04- Findlay Brown -“Mountain Falls For The Sea” 28:12- Milo Greene- “Be Good To Me” 31:34- Isaac Gracie - “Reverie “ (Mahogany Session- Edit) 37:00- Small Houses- “I Remember Me” 42:44- Jonas Källstrand “The House My Parents Later Sold” (Master) 46:08- The 502s- “White” 50:15- J. Tillman- “If You've Gotta Go, Go Now” 54:00- Jack Winters- “Won't Be Sleeping Tonight” 56:50-Scott Rudd- “Probably Lied” 1:00:16- Michael Nau- “While You Stand” 1:03:11- Josh Ritter- “Miles Away” 1:07:03- Zach Winters- “Ocean Sunset Motorcycle” 1:13:37- Laish- “The Fox” -Ocean photo (58:59- 1:05:32) by Jarrad Ng All other photos from First photo shown by Max Langelott Thumbnail by David Kovalenko - P.S , If you would like to make a small donation to my channel, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support


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