Download Some Songs 2- Indie/Folk/Pop/ Whatever- A Few More Favourites of Mine mp3 song free.

I DO NOT own rights to any of these songs. All song rights belong to the respective recording artists, their labels, claimants, etc. -Hiya There! ...and that's about all the space I have left in which to write, lol. I hope you enjoy this playlist. Just some more songs I happen to really enjoy . Happy listening! Cheers, Mr.FF : ) 0:00- Langhorne Slim- Back To The Wild 2:19- Seafret- Something in the Air 5:00- Gregory Alan Isakov- The Stable Song (Colorado Symphony Version) 11:10- Big Little Lions -The Way Home 14:34- Penny and Sparrow- Brothers 18:21- The White Buffalo- Wish It Was True 22:09- Guster- Parachute 27:14- Chadwick Stokes- I Want You Like a Seatbelt 30:06- Niel Halstead- Digging Shelters 33:49- Deer Tick- Ashamed 36:08- Trampled by Turtles- Alone 40:36- Low Roar- Give Up 43:42- Ivan and Alyosha- Running for Cover 47:39- Winter Aid- The Wisp Sings 52:46- Gregory Alan Isakov- Amsterdam (Colorado Symphony Version) 55:56- Bon Iver- 00000 Million 59:50- Death Cab for Cutie- Passenger Seat 1:03:23- The Head and the Heart- Another Story 1:08:03- Hey Ocean!- If I Were a Ship 1:11:33- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Man on Fire (***Removed to avoid blocking this playlist worldwide. My apologies) 1:15:52- Fleet Foxes- Battery Kinzie 1:18:39- Strahan- Mountain 1:23:11- Alman Brown- Foolish Love 1:27:15- The Middle East- Blood 1:32:41- Snowmine- Let Me In 1:36:23- Austin Plaine- Never Come Back Again 1:39:47- Benjamin Francis Leftwich- Summer 1:43:18- Hollow Coves- The Woods 1:47:20- R.E.M- Electrolite 1:51:32- David Francey- Blue Water 1:54:46- Cold Weather Company- Sefarer 2:01:13- Sutherland- Remember 2:04:28- Drew Holcomb & The Neighbours- American Beauty 2:07:08- Donovan Woods- That Hotel 2:10:20- Joe Pug- The Great Despiser 2:14:26- One Man Dancing- My Darling 2:17:48- Eb &Sparrow- Little Hands 2:20:30- Sleeping At Last- Mercury 2:24:00- Dustin Tebbutt- First Light 2:28:27- Vancouver Sleep Clinic- Vapour 2:23:31- Cigarettes After Sex- Affection 2:37:39- Woodlock- Sirens 2:41:35- WILD- Hold Us Together 2:45:16- The American Analog Set- Born on the Cusp 2:48:36- Sufjan Stevens- The Dress Looks Nice On You 2:51:16- The Unknown Neighbour- Little Boy 2:54:33- The Magnetic Fields- The Book Of Love 2:57:26- David Gray- Flame Turns Blue 3:03:17- Ryan Adams- Kim -You can find the wallpaper image I used here : ....Thanks again so much for listening. Peace Out! :)


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